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Commercial Construction

Commercial construction management ensures the planning, execution, and coordination of a building project from start to finish.  For these projects, our experienced project managers are responsible for balancing pre-project planning and scope, prioritizing cost and time management, organization, communication, quality and safety administration.   Each client receives the personal attention they deserve.


Trail Star will guide your project through the different planning and building authorities’ approval processes: Planning, Building, Utility, Fire and Health Departments. Let that be our challenge, not yours. 


Design Management

Design and construction of any building must take into account the conditions specific to a particular site and the variables that present themselves as the project gets underway.  Variables such as mid-construction design changes, and the order in which a building is constructed, must be anticipated and managed efficiently.  Value-engineering is our specialty – after years of experience, we have seen and implemented solutions that are faster, better, and less expensive than typical.

Development Management

Our ability to streamline the complete project delivery process will reduce communication failures and mistakes, increasing efficiencies.  Early in the process, ask us about our feasibility analysis: we will study the market and research your real estate requirements.  We will work through the due diligence and the environmental review, then coordinate the planning and design.  We will assemble a team of professionals and manage their work, timing, and costs.  These include architects, engineers (civil, surveyors, environmental, and traffic), landscaping, etc.

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