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Trail Star Development is responsible for the vital collaboration between owner, general contractor and subcontractors in order to successfully complete a commercial building project. We take that responsibility very seriously.

Our Story

Over 25 years ago, our founder, a commercial broker and developer, realized control over the actual construction or remodel of a building was the missing link to an efficient, successful development project. By creating his own construction company, this unpredictable and costly variable could be managed, resulting in the elimination of many timeline and budget issues.

Since then, Trail Star Development has evolved into a successful mid-range general construction and real estate development company.  Primarily, we build and remodel commercial, retail and office buildings, tailoring them to the needs of our clients, but our team also enjoys the challenge of unique requests, such as raising the roof of the Pueblo Mall or constructing a $3.5 million children’s wing addition to a church in Castle Rock.

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Once business owners get to know Trail Star and our high-quality building process, many become long-term partners, often asking us to build their next site, and their next.  Franchisees like Sport Clips Hair Cutters and Sprint Phone Stores, and commercial clients like Black Hills Energy and HEI Civil Engineering continue to give us the opportunity to develop and build their projects. Trail Star completed an award-winning 10,000 square foot office building for HEI and recently designed and built their 16,000 square foot follow-up project on the same campus.  We also have developed expertise in building and remodeling restaurants and commercial kitchens, proudly including Slim Chickens and Burger King Restaurants, Blackjack Pizza stores, Smoothie King franchises, Dunkin Donuts, and others on our client list.

Working with our sister companies, Trail Star can invest in a property, develop, entitle, oversee design and engineering, and build the structure.  We guide our clients through the entire process and hand them the keys to their next business venture on time and on budget.  As Colorado continues to grow, we are expanding as well, using our experience to add value to our customer’s projects by implementing the latest construction techniques and materials and managing every part of the construction process effectively and efficiently, from the ground up.  

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